Some Valuable Tips to Ensure Success in the Nightclub Business

Working in the nightclub and entertainment industry can be filled with lots of fun and excitement. However, if you do not have the right strategies to manage it successfully, you may miss out on many great opportunities. It is important for you to hire professionals like; event coordinators and promoters to achieve success in your business.

Gus Drakopoulos is one the most reliable personalities in New York City’s entertainment industry. He is the event coordinator and marketer for Sin City, the most happening adult entertainment nightclub in New York. He has used his management and promotional skills to make it the most ideal place for night outs full of fun.

He took many of the nightclub’s responsibilities upon his shoulder, and made sure that he did not make the mistakes that others were making.

By ensuring the following, you too can hire an experienced professional like Mr. Gus Drakopoulos, for successful nightclub management:

  • Building a nightclub is just not enough. You need to make sure that you hire experienced professionals to manage marketing for your business. They can use flyers, brochures, local radio, newspaper, and social media to let customers and the general public about your business.

  • Skilled employees are the backbone of every successful nightclub. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that the staff working for you is certified and understands the value of quality customer service in this industry.

  • Decor is your business card and it dictates the standards of your club. Furniture and lighting is a very important element. Hence, make sure that you have furniture, lighting, and music that will make your club stand apart from the others.


Personality traits that every event coordinator must possess- Gus Drakopoulos

Event coordinators do planning and organizing for special events. For example, a nightclub may conduct a special karaoke night or feature some live performance from a popular rock band or an international artist.

This is precisely the time when event coordinators manage and execute the required planning, in order to make sure the planned event turns out to be a success.

Part of an event coordinator job entails encouraging and guiding staff members in the right direction, in order to deliver the best work.

Event coordinators must enjoy working and talking with people, as    most of their time is spent interacting with others, discussing deals and brainstorming ideas.

People in this line of work, must have exceptional organization skills. They should be extremely detail-oriented with an ability to provide their undivided attention to every single aspect.

Because event managers have to lead and guide staff members on how to do their work, they need to have supervisory and interpersonal traits. They must know how to communicate ideas in a pleasant way, without sounding bossy or grumpy.
They also must know how to carry a confident disposition at all times, and for that they should maintain a neat outlook 24/7.

If you are good at negotiating, delegating authority and responsibility and can also work under pressure, then you are a natural fit for this occupation.
Gus Drakopoulos is a fine personality and a source of encouragement for many people in this profession.

Gus is also the event manager for the successful adult nightclub “Sin City Entertainment”.

Why Nightclub’s need Event Coordinators – Gus Drakopoulos

If your club is missing on the hype, then it’s bound to fail, sooner or later. This is because club visitors have plenty of options available, therefore if your club is not a fun happening place, then they will just forget about your club.

You need to understand what the role of an event coordinator is, in order to make things happen and catch the attention of the audience.

The Role of a skilled coordinator can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Planning is the key, and this is why coordinators always come up with new and unique ideas to ensure that everything has been performed according to the plan.
  • When it comes to décor, music, alcohol, furniture, lighting and entertainment, a skilled planner can organize everything to ensure that it catches the attention of every visitor.
  • Pricing is one very crucial factor to consider, because it will determine the kind of people that will attend your club. It will be difficult to cater to everyone’s taste, but you still have to finalize a price to attract the visitors you aim to, and an Event planner can set it up for you.
  • An event coordinator can conduct a marketing campaign by contacting the media and get your club, the attention it needs.
  • Only a proficient event planner knows the value of keeping everything professional, and making sure that the crowd keeps coming back.

New York’s famous event coordinator, Gus Drakopoulos, is a creative thinker who knows what it takes to make a successful venue.

Gus Drakopoulos – What does it take to be an event coordinator?

The role of an even coordinator is very challenging. The success of an event is directly associated with the knowledge and experience of the event coordinator. This is the reason why event management companies and club owners; cautiously hire event coordinators.

  • The following are some of the requirements, for event coordinators:
  • Excellent communication skills: to interact effectively with colleagues and get the work done properly.
  • Time management: is important because it is all about planning and scheduling.
  • Passion: is as important as anything else. You cannot perform well when having to work under pressure, if you don’t have passion for the work you do.
  • As an event coordinator, you will be responsible for a number of things, like having enough contacts and a good network, to work out everything in very little time.
  • As modern day event coordinator, it is necessary for you to have computer skills.
  • Negotiation skills are mandatory, because you will be using this trait very often, with clients and contractors, in order to work out on prices.
  • To plan and execute the perfect event, one needs to have excellent organizational skills and leadership qualities.

Gus Drakopoulos is a dynamic and successful even coordinator who has given New York’s entertainment industry, a new direction using his event management skills.

Gus Drakopoulos Qualities that make an event coordinator successful!

The success of any nightlife venue is directly proportionate with the quality of event coordination and operations management. But event coordination is not for everyone. Not everybody can handle all the responsibilities that involve this job. An event coordinator requires the ability to carefully plan and schedule events, which calls for resourcefulness. This is unequivocally the most crucial trait of an event coordinator. A creative fix is required when using such resources, whether it is something as simple as reworking the display across the aisle, or using the media contacts.

Another highly essential trait for event coordinators is; command over communication. The person must have the ability to share his thoughts and ideas unambiguously with his subordinates. Communication doesn’t just mean conveying ideas and orders to people, but it also requires getting the work done, within the given time frame.

Event coordinators must be knowledgeable with problem solving approach. They must know how to maintain their cool even when the event calls for some last minute changes. Only a person, who can think clearly even during difficult situations, can handle this complex job profile well.

Gus Drakopoulos is one of the finest event coordinators in New York, who currently handles operations at Sin City Entertainment; the adult entertainment club.

Gus knows exactly what it takes to be successful in this industry.